Sunday, March 12, 2006

Vive the extremes!

Τρεις παράγραφοι από το άρθρο του F. A. Hayek: “Why I Am Not a Conservative” εξηγούν πλήρως γιατί το σοσιαλφιλελεύθερο μέτωπο του «μεσαίου χώρου» ηττήθηκε κατά κράτος από τους «ακραίο» μέτωπο της «πολιτικής αυθεντικότητας», που εκφράστηκε από τους φασίστες, τους κομμουνιστές, τους σοσιαλιστές και τους φιλελεύθερους. “If we want a diagram, it would be more appropriate to arrange them in a triangle with the conservatives occupying one corner, with the socialists pulling toward the second and the liberals toward the third”. “Advocates of the Middle Way[4] with no goal of their own, conservatives have been guided by the belief that the truth must lie somewhere between the extremes - with the result that they have shifted their position every time a more extreme movement appeared on either wing”. “…the liberal today must more positively oppose some of the basic conceptions which most conservatives share with the socialists”.

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